Carbonautica specialises in the design and manufacture ...



specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality Carbon Fibre and GFC( Glass Fiber Composite) components Since its foundation in 1998 , Carbonautica has produced specialist carbon parts for applications as diverse as professional racing bicycles, rotors for radiocontrolled helicopters and marine steering wheels.


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The wheels have reached Vancouver and beyond....Maiden has now left Vancouver and is en-route to Seattle! Maiden and the crew are set to be arriving into Bell Harbor Marina between 10.30AM-11AM tomorrow. If you’re in the area, come down to welcome Maiden into the USA! 🇺🇸 Maiden will be in Seattle until the 15th of August ⛵️ ... See MoreSee Less

The wheels have reached Vancouver and beyond....

4 weeks ago


“The pink wheels” have now clocked up 20,000 nautical miles....As I (Belle) was chilling in my bunk during my off watch yesterday, listening to a podcast, Amalia popped over with a chocolate and said “Happy twenty thousand!!” Maiden has sailed 20,000 miles on her World Tour! Only a few days ago I was having my 1 year anniversary with The Maiden Factor team. I took a moment to reflect on the journey that has passed. from seeing Maiden in the shipyard shed as a shell, working with the team on her restoration, watching her first touch the water, sailing the maiden voyage to London, to now having sailed all of Maiden’s 20,000 miles with her… What a ride it has been!! Good days, bad days, blue skies, rough seas, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, dolphins, whales, epic sailing, endless laughter and also tears; tears from frustration and exhaustion to tears of joy as you are completely overwhelmed by the endless support and encouraging words we are constantly receiving from all over the world. It’s an absolute honour and pleasure to be a part of The Maiden Factor team, as we sail around the world on our mission of raising awareness and funds for girls’ education and women's empowerment. ✏️ Belinda Henry For more photos, including ones of Belle's journey with Maiden over the last year, check out the latest blog post: ... See MoreSee Less

“The pink wheels” have now clocked up 20,000 nautical miles....
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High quality Carbon Fibre and GFC

Carbon is a remarkable element




Carbonautica's manufacturing facility is in the City of Velenje. Slovenia's 5th biggest city, it is the centre of the Municipality of Velenje with approx. 30.000 habitants. Established in 1959, City of Velenje has made tremendous efforts to recultivate landscapes ruined by coal exploitation and turn handicap into advantage. Velenje lakes have become a tourist attraction. The area of present Velenje was first mentioned in 1250. The city boasts a highly skilled and educated workforce.