Glass Fibre Composite (GFC) Steering Wheels

State of the art monocoque GFC wheels

The performance of carbon at a fraction of the cost

Multiple color and designe.


We offer four design options:


Elegance design with curved spokes (E)


Sport design with straight spokes (S)


3 spoke design


5 spoke design


The performance of carbon at a fraction of the cost The GFC (Glass Fibre Composite) wheel is made in a mould in a similar way to the Carbon wheels we manufacture but we do a few things in the process a bit more cleverly; The anodised aluminium hub is integrated in the mould so removing one of the manufacturing tasks and the mould is painted before lay-up so that the wheel leaves the mould finished. The unique bit is that the wheel is made of glass fibre composite with an aluminium hub so is a similar overall weight to the carbon version. Best of all, it is a third of the price.


Description Dimension
GFC Y-spoke E 600 (23˝)
GFC Y-spoke S 700 (27˝)
GFC Y-spoke S 800 (31˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S/3s/5s 900 (35˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S/5s 1000 (39˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S/5s 1100 (43˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S 1200 (47˝)
GFC Y-spoke E 1300 (51˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S 1400 (55˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S 1500 (59˝)
GFC Y-spoke E/S 1600 (63˝)
GFC Y-spoke S 1700 (67˝)
GFC Y-spoke S 1800 (71˝)

All the weights are without Hub.
Max variation of the weight +/-5%.